Brickyard Bistro: French ingredients we use

Brickyard Bistro: French ingredients we use

If you are looking for a place to eat in, you might want to try our place here in Greenwood. Brickyard Bistro offers authentic French cuisine with lots of drinks to pair so you can satisfy your cravings. We made a nice restaurant where families and friends can relax and take a breather in life. The bistro serves as a resting place not only for the people of the town but for the visitors of the place as well.

Most people don’t know but the French cuisine consists of traditional methods. The dishes have signature ingredients that we use to make all the meals flavourful. 

Here are some of the French ingredients that we use in serving your all-time favourites here in Brickyard Bistro:

Herbes de Provence (Dried herbs)

Dried herbs are vital in cooking certain French dishes. We use these for seasoning and to also eliminate or add scent to some meals that we cook. Most of the time, these herbs serve as a seasoning for the meat.

The dried herbs give the meat an aromatic flavour and take out the bad odour coming from it, making the food fresh and tastier.

Fleur De Sel (Large salt crystals)

We mostly use salt crystals when we cook a dish that involves fish. It eliminates the odour and adds flavour to it. This salt is a bit bigger compared to regular salt because it’s derived from seawater.

Fleur De Sel is the pyramid-shaped crystals that you see in seawater when evaporation takes place. You can also consider this as a condiment or garnish. In addition, you can add these crystals on top of a dish to add taste, aesthetics and texture.

Creme Fraiche

This cream is a heavy cream mixed with buttermilk that’s used for soups and sauces. Customers can also ask this as a garnish for a dish that is something sweet like for example a bowl of fruit or banana split.

Dijon Mustard

This mustard is used as both a condiment and a cooking ingredient. You can see this being sold in a jar or squeeze bottles. Most of the time, the texture is creamy and its colour is pale yellow. It has a strong sharp flavour with a little bit of spice. 

This is the best pairing for corned beef or pastrami sandwich because it gives a flavourful layer which helps in keeping the freshness and strong taste of meat. This mustard adds a lot of flavour to the food without putting in many calories.


Terrines are loaf-shaped meat that is cooked and stored in containers. These can be the main course meal or an added ingredient on some of the dishes. Our Terrine can be served in a cooking pot with a knife and it is up to our customers to decide whether they will treat it as their main meal or use it as an additional component of a bigger dish.