As the concerns about the spread of COVID-19 grow across the country, Brickyard Bistro is monitoring the severity and putting correlating precautions in place. At this time, we remain OPEN to the Public.


We currently have upped our sanitizing procedures, ensuring constant sanitizing of all handles, tables, chairs, water bottles, shared condiment containers and credit/debit machines.  Our staff will continue to keep up frequent handwashing practices. While supplies last, we also have hand sanitizer available if anyone needs to use it before/after making a payment.


We will still currently accept reuseable mugs, but they must be sanitized in our dishwasher before we put them in contact with our machines.


We are still accepting cash, and our staff is required to wash hands thoroughly immediately after any cash transactions.


Any line ups that we may have will have to wait outside for a table as we will not have overcrowding in the restaurant, for both COVID reasons, and general health and safety/firesafe reasons.


We encourage take out orders if you do not feel comfortable eating in the establishment! We can bring the order to you at the front door if you wish. Just call 416-778-4440 to place your order.

Our restaurant is small and the good news is, that we don’t have the capacity to hold many people at once.

IF the spread and the concern grows, we may reduce our capacity further to implement even more social distancing.  


As we monitor the news, we may decide that further actions may need to be put in place, but this is where we are at the moment.


We are going to do what we can to stay open but also fulfill responsibilities to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Thank you to all who continue to support small businesses in these unprecedented times. Stay happy, stay safe!